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Nigerian gospel music artist, producer and superstar, Frank Edwards, has released his new project; a single titled “WE WORSHIP YOU”.

The song is produced by Frank Edwards himself.

WE WORSHIP YOU is a deep song of worship to God, just as the title already suggests. It comprises God- inspired lyrics which take the listener into the deepest coves of true spiritual worship. It is a song of praise and adoration to God for the great things He has done, and the song is also a way of exalting God high above every situation.

Frank Edwards, who is known for the christian hit songs such as “Under The Canopy” and “Okaka”amongst others, is one of the major Nigerian artists at the forefront of the gospel music ministry and industry. He is deeply passionate about praising and worshiping God and his zeal for things of the Spirirt is evident in the content of his music.

He has touched many lives with his music and humanitarianism and is one of the loudest voices of the Nigerian Youth today. Frank Edwards has definitely become a household name in most Nigerian and African homes as well as internationally.

Click Here To Download WE WORSHIP YOU:

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