Controversial: Funke Adejumo under fire for her statement about women


The Word Conference of Lagos Mega church House on the Rock, has come and gone but the ripples of the wave of that event is still resounding. The social media has been agog lately with some of the comments of one of the speakers at the programme.

The programme was themed Finding, Living and Fulfilling your Purpose & Destiny hosted by Pst Paul Adefarasin. Some of the speaker were Dr Mensah Otabil, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Dr Bill Winston, Bishop Tudor Bismack and Pastor Mrs Funke Adejumo .

The guests speakers spoke on various topics to enable everyone who was at the conference find their purpose, live their dreams and fulfill their destiny in this awesome world.

The Controversial Funke Adejumo statement.

Funke – Felix Adejumo, a guest speaker that also graced the Conference, during her ministration spoke on the life and duties of a woman as a wife. While ministering, she made some statements spoken that would help women to be better in their homes.

Among the statements she made was;

“being a full time house wife is a full time suffering PLC, if the totality of your financial life is dependent on your husband you are a colossal disgrace and if you are a woman, you are being asked by your husband for a cheque of one million and you cannot give him then you are a failure.”

The outcome to her statements

Her statements brought about diverse comments. Opinions has been raised, some to counter, some to agree on, some to create lessons but majorly some are tackling her words and her inclusive.

Betty Irabor – Publisher Genevive Magazine took to her instagram page to ask women what they think about  the statement. Here are some of their thoughts.

What are your thoughts? Hmmmmm!

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Unfortunately, her words have offended the full time house wives some of which are saying what if it was a calling to be an House wife and have attracted the opinions of their husbands and how they got to find out, are by the short video clips that shows her speaking those words during the ministration which is now trending.

The opinions from men are also not to be pushed aside as some out rightly agree with her while some expressly disagrees with her saying that she has no right to call her fellow woman a failure or a disgrace. This argument has gotten deep causing serious issues in the body of Christ, many deliberations, discussions and argument.

What you should know about Funke Felix Adejumo

Funke Felix Adejumo is the president of Funke Felix Adejumo FoundationShe is an accomplished pastor and teacher with deep insight into God’s word. Her unique unction and utterance has endowed her to the hearts of millions of people that have listened to her at conferences and seminars around the world.

She has a great passion for womanhood with a divine purpose on earth “Honouring God and Blessing Humanity”. This vision has transformed into many works such as the established Grace Orphanage, the construction of the Children’s Hospital  and other great works that God is doing through her.

She is married to Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo and their most blissful home is blessed with two men, two women, five grandchildren and many adopted children.  She is the mother of the Agape Family Worldwide.

It was reported that the Conference was a huge success but little did we know that the statements made were going to be a controversial statements bringing a lot of contentions.

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