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Genuine Apology? CAN’s Inequity Condolence Between The SCOAN And The Islamic Community

In the month of September this year, two major sad incidents occurred to
the world Islamic community – the ‘crane crash’ and the ‘stampede’ which
both took place at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This led to the death and injuries
of thousands of pilgrims that went for this year’s Hajj in the Holy Land.
Coincidentally, in the same month last year, on September 12th a building
collapsed at the premises of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)
in Lagos, Nigeria which led to the death of visiting SCOAN pilgrims who
were mostly South African nationals.

During the unfortunate incident that took place at The SCOAN, different
nations, leaders, groups, and religious bodies from all around the globe
sent condolence messages and others even had to visit the Prophet to
sympathize with the SCOAN family on the tragedy. However, it is worthy to
note that no single word of condolence was sent from the leadership of the
Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) nor did any representative of the
association pay a visit to sympathize with the head Pastor of The SCOAN,
Prophet T.B. Joshua.

It beats our imagination when it was gathered by the media that the
leadership of the same CAN, headed by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, sent a
condolence to sympathize with the Islamic community on the recent crane
crash and stampede that occurred in Saudi Arabia. The truth is that there
is nothing wrong for the leadership of CAN to sympathize or send a
condolence message to the Islamic community because the Holy Bible has
clearly instructed us to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with
those who mourn (Romans 12:15), irrespective of religion or race. However,
the question is – why did the same CAN leadership choose not to extend
their heart of sympathy to a fellow Christian ministry that professes Jesus
Christ, but rather chose to sympathize with the Islamic nation, Saudi
Arabia with a contrary doctrine/ faith?

Till date, the CAN leadership has chosen to remain mute on the September
12th incident at The SCOAN, making one to wonder if the leadership of CAN
is pleased or displeased about the SCOAN tragedy. It is said that actions
speak louder than words. Their actions so far have brought about this
question – what could a Christian body such as CAN hold against its
‘Christian’ brother and other brethren who were in one way or the other
affected by the tragic incident last year?

Looking at the stand of the ministry of SCOAN, having alleged that the
building collapsed as a result of terror attack, isn’t it wise for the CAN
leadership to get involved in the matter since it’s a body that is supposed
to stand and protect the interest of the Christian community in Nigeria?
And also, since the SCOAN tragedy seems to reveal that the entire Christian
community in Nigeria is under a great threat, isn’t it wise for CAN to be
interested in ensuring that what happened to the SCOAN shouldn’t repeat
itself in any other ministry in Nigeria as a way of taking proactive

Now, where is the love in the church of Christ? Is this the kind of love
Christ preached when he was on earth? This is sheer hypocrisy! At this
point, we would love those with independent minds and persons of good heart
to judge this action of CAN. Let the good Christians, Muslims and those of
other faiths in the world judge this. Is this action from CAN godly or
ungodly? May God unite His Church… Amen!

*Tonia M*

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