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Ghana Gospel Music Artistes Use Juju to Make Hit Songs! – Adu Patrick

Adu Patrick - Ghana gospel music

In the last two weeks, the Ghana gospel music world has been in a consistent upheaval after Ghanaian gospel music singer Adu Patrick dropped the boom shell that 70% of Ghana gospel music artist use Juju. This has become a constant topic of discussion for radio and television shows in the country which in turn has caused lots of worry for the Christians in the country.

It’s all started with an interview given by Adu Patrick on Accra100.5FM’s mid-morning show, where he said ”

“One thing hurting gospel artistes today is selfishness and the lack of unity among us. Everybody thinks he is superior to the other and that is why there is no unity, unlike years ago. “Today, as we speak, about 70 per cent of gospel musicians visit shrines for juju for their musical careers and also to outdo other gospel artistes. This is real.

Patrick Adu

“You hear some people making it big, don’t look at them or don’t envy them. Just pray and thank God for your situation. Those musicians you see doing very well, most of them cannot sleep because of what they do all in the name of God.“There is juju in gospel music more than hip-life and at the right time God himself will expose them.”

He further revealed that apart from gospel musicians, several men of God employ juju in their ministry.“I don’t perform in certain churches when they invite me because some of these pastors are fetish priests who have clothed themselves with the Bible. They have realized that people will no longer come to the shrines as it used to be in the past to seek powers and so they themselves have entered the churches,” he said.



His statements caused a lot of arguments and generated responses such as the one by Patience Nyarko who finds this very alarming and has dared accusers to as a matter of urgency come out with names of the supposed gospel musicians who seek for these black magic to keep them flourishing in the industry.

The ‘Wafom Kwan’ hit maker, explained that, it is of good if a name is being mentioned rather than just throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians, to defame the image of the gospel ministry.

Patience Nyarko

“My heart boils each time I hear on radio that gospel musicians resort to juju for career successes. It’s about time names are being mentioned to know the truth of these baseless accusations tarnishing the gospel ministry. These claims are repugnant and are undermining our integrity. I dare all those behind these accusations to come out with names or they ‘SHUT UP!’ forever”

“Why would someone even think that Gospel musicians seek for juju in their career and what is also preventing the accusers from mentioning names of the perpetrators ?” Patience questioned.


Also reacting to all this was the duo of Tagoe Sisters, who while granting an interview on the decline of gospel songs in Ghana said “Gospel Rhythm and lyrics have gone down drastically and because of that many don’t take gospel artistes serious.

We fight ourselves, others gossip about fellow gospel acts and we don’t learn as one people with same objective,If we don’t unite, we will always go down when we plan to do things together. Now the secular artistes are always on top and still soaring than us (Gospel artistes). We should be able to help one another in the ministry and stop the infighting among ourselves,” Tagoe Sisters added.

This is really a worrying sign in this time where we as Christians are working ever hard to live exemplary lives which will speak into the world declaring the gospel of Christ. As we wait for this unfortunate events to be resolved, Lets all join our hands and pray for the Gospel ministry in Ghana.

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