Gospel Celebrities Speak out on Libya Slave Trade

Libya Slave Trade

Terrifying, shocking and appalling pictures have emerged concerning a modern day slave market Libya. Hundreds of African refugees are being bought and sold in slave markets across Libya every week. Many of them held for ransom or forced into prostitution and sexual exploitation to pay their captors and smugglers.

Libya Slave Trade

The torture the victims go through before they are sold to the buyers is dehumanizing.  They are being tied up then beaten with all sought of weapons, stabbed with knife still in that process being beaten with big poles to the point of bleeding.

Some are being roasted alive and murdered while the bodies of the dead are placed in a refrigerator which ends up decomposing and the foul stench are being off to the health capacity, Sebha, Libya.

Most gospel celebrities has taken to their instagram pages to speak against the acts being carried out on Africans most especially Nigerians.

Here is what a few Gospel celebrities had to say about Libya slave trade:

From Music Magnate (Wilson Joel), Nigerian gospel music producer:

#FACTS#LIBYA#NOTOSLAVERY: First off, shout out to the @ncfrmi_sw for their great work. We’ve had a discussion before which I won’t share here

1. Those who are seen disembarking from the plane have not been ascertained to be the Slave Trade VICTIMS. These consists of stranded Nigerians, those facing deportation and those who willfully opted for returning back to Nigeria because of the hardship

2. The slavery is being orchestrated by the Libyan NATO-Rebels. One of the fractions that murdered their dictator “Gaddafi” in 2011

3. It had to take Non-Africans to announce to Africans about these happenings

4. Most of the pictures you see making rounds about the slavery isn’t from Libya. Some were lifted from other places. I’ll get down to it

5. Most of these victims were headed to Europe via shady & dangerous means but unfortunately got stuck in Libya

6. There are agents right here in Nigeria who engage in helping gullible citizens migrate illegally to other countries via reckless means, they need to be found and nipped. They refer to them as #PUSHERS or #PUSHERMAN

7. Let’s not be so quick to post unverified reports. We must verify every post, I’ve seen some misleading post just because someone needs to post something

8. Posting videos and posts on social media momentarily may not change much. We have to pressurize our governments in various parts of Africa to do something just like the #NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT IS DOING


I have studied the situation for quite some time now. Libyans have been saying life became tougher for them 5 times or more after their dictator was ambushed and killed. I do not think it will get easier for migrants. As I commiserate with those affected, I advise y’all to stay back in Nigeria except you’re legally permitted to live and work in another country… ? it’s 06.31 am and my HEART goes out to every SLAVERY VICTIM in Libya ?

From @therealsinach( Sinach), Gospel music minister and song writer

This is heart breaking ! At first I thought it was a movie ! So hard to understand this #notoslavery no no no ! They just wanted a better life and future !! This is someone’s son or daughter #youngpeopletheanswerisinyou

From Gospel music artiste, Giljoe

VIEWERS DISCRETION: Been a bit quiet about this but after seeing this video I’m honestly lost for words, how can you hate on a Man cuz of His skin colour, how evil can a man’s Heart get! Sweet Lord Jesus?… Shame on Libya and her wickedness, shame on the government and leaders that are yet to come out to condemn this animalistic act, my heart is heavy?. #SayNoToSlaveTrade

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From Nathaniel Bassey, Gospel music artiste

Still trying to find out more on this. But if there is any truth in this, then we must make so much noise. No human being should go through this. Let’s share this till the authorities involved intervene. But most importantly, take a few moment to lift up a prayer. In Jesus’ name.


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