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GRACE(Cristiano Ronaldo) & LABOUR(Lionel Messi)

GRACE(Cristiano Ronaldo) & LABOUR(Lionel Messi)

Yesterday Portugal won the euro final and became European champions against all odds. To make it more beautiful, Cristiano Ronaldo was injured which meant he contributed almost nothing to this particular match but he had been one of their best players having a hand in six out of the eight goals they scored on their way to the final.

Grace is when you receive what you didn’t labour for. God crowned all the effort of Cristiano Ronaldo by giving him the trophy by using a striker who doesn’t score to score the winning goal.

When a lot of people hated him for no reason, God showed him his love and then there’s the guy whom they claim is the perfect guy and then have been labouring to win an international trophy and when he couldn’t win, he quit(the bible says the arm of flesh of will fail you).

I celebrate the grace of God upon the life of Cristiano Ronaldo. I believe God used yesterday to decide who the best player in the world is. Men can only sing your praise but when God steps in, he makes you the champion.

Congratulations to Portugal & Cristiano Ronaldo.

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