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Hallelujah Challenge overthrows Night Clubs

Hallelujah Challenge

It looks like the Hallelujah Challenge by Nathaniel Bassey is giving the night clubs bad business. Tweets have emerged of the state of some night clubs as at last night Saturday 5th June 2017. This tweets clearly showed that club owners are distraught at the low turn out and patronage recorded last night.

A twitter user identified by the name Olumide Soyombo  has confirmed that the clubs where empty as he tweeted

Club owners are not happy with Nathaniel Bassey right now

In response to another twitter user who is oblivious of the Hallelujah Challenge, He said;

Lol Aren’t you on Instagram? Lol, He is running a praise and worship live stream at mid night for the next 30 days. Every where empty ooo

You get a confirmation of the work of God when the enemies begin to complain, While we are telling and hearing testimonies from the wonderful works of the outstretched hands of the almighty, some business are beginning to suffer, the likes of night clubs and such gatherings are losing crowd to the glory of God.

Here are the tweets we found.

If you have not been part in this praise, worship and prayer event, then make 12:00 am a date to meet with the (Olowogbogboro)  outstretched hand of God. Read more about the great things God is doing in the Might night praise challenge.

Until the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. OLOWOGBOGBORO is in CHARGE!?

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