Hallelujah Challenge : Do You think She should go talk to his Pastor or just walk away?

woman - hallelujah challenge

The Hallelujah Challenge lead by gospel music singer Nathaniel Bassey has officially come to an end but the testimonies are still trooping in. Here is one of the testimonies from the Hallelujah Challenge. This lady Oluwaseun (not her real name) was involved in a relationship with a married man and was about marrying the man until she joined the Midnight Hallelujah Praise and Worship challenge.

Good morning Pastor Nathaniel, My name is Oluwaseun but if this will be posted I will prefer you to post it as. Have been in a relationship with a married man going to 4 years now and the relationship has been going smooth but at a point I started have code feeling towards the relationship which am finding difficult to step back because we have already done our introduction.

I joined the Hallelujah Challenge Day 21 and ever since that my mind started going stronger that I don’t want to continue with the relationship. One faithful while praising God in d middle of the night and the pastor said “Every strange woman in a marriage should catch fire” I felt so bad and started crying that will I be among those that will catch fire? Then I felt a bit better when the pastor said “If you are here and you are a strange woman in a marriage, start asking God for forgiveness and REPENT” which I did.

This morning Day 30, waking up the voice I heard was ”Seun you will need to go to his church explain everything to his pastor and arrange to meet with him and his wife while the pastor is seated and ask for forgiveness and pray to God to restore their marriage so that my none of bone and flesh of flesh can locate me”.

Pastor am a kind of shy person, Do u think I should go to his church or just walk away.#####

What Do you guys think ?

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  1. Wow, As much as i know it is right to obey the voice of God. i do not think i will be able to speak out if i were in her shoes. But please obey the word of God

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