Updates : Hallelujah Challenge festival billed for 28th of June

Hallelujah Challenge

In case you missed the Hallelujah Live brief with @nathanielblow earlier this evening – here’s a summary of what he had to say… The Hallelujah Challenge is not for fame, neither is it for personal gain. It is a mandate from God and he (Nathaniel Bassey) is just a vessel.
Bassey said he has no copyright on the Hallelujah Challenge and he certainly isn’t trying to start a church. The Challenge is purely from a heart that wants to serve – he only derives joy from seeing God take all the glory.
Bassey went further to say that beyond all the miracles and testimonies, God is doing something eternal – something that will outlive generations. Government policies are being influenced according to God’s agenda. The effects of this revival will be seen in future happenings. Amidst the breakthroughs, there should be a consciousness of a higher calling.

Heaven has asked us to give God a Hallelujah praise. The Hallelujah praise is the highest form of praise where we let our guards down and be reckless, unbothered about anyone. The focus is solely God.You don’t have to wait for midnight, let praise come from you throughout the day, saturate your whole being. When we do this continually, we become powerful.
Jesus is being glorified in secular media. There is a soul winning angle to this challenge. People are coming into the consciousness that the God of the Bible is real. The challenge has crossed interdenominational divides, even people of other religion are a part of the revival.
PS: There will be a Hallelujah Festival on the 27th or 28th in Lekki, Lagos. Venue will be made public soon.

Olowogbogboro greeting to you!

culled from @churchcultureinc

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