As we welcome each other into a new month, July we declare the peace of God and grace. June was a memorable month for those of us who followed the Hallelujah Challenge. Though there would not be another for July the convener Nathaniel Bassey has urged us thus : “Olowobgogborois  for the rest of the year, if there are any needs for a joint one I will let us know and will make an announcement ,meanwhile do your prayers and praise on your own because our God has taken charge”.

He went on to prophesy to us for the rest of the month.

Meanwhile the Olowogbogbo is still at work as a worshipper shared this with Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram

DELIVERER!!!! Just read this
#### Please join me to thank God. Last night I had a bad dream about my daughter who’s a year old, I dreamt that she was in pain & there was a big wound on her cheek. I woke up & started praying, covering my children with the blood of Jesus, then I started praising & worshiping God, prayed psalm 91 & then I saw something in the corner of the room, the lights in the room were off at the time, so I initially thot it was one of my braids that had come loose & fallen on the floor. But then it moved & I used the light on my phone to see wot it was when I noticed it was a snake.

I jumped up on the bed screaming blood of Jesus, was alone with my 2 young kids in the room with the snake blocking the exit. My husband wasn’t home but his nephew was in the house, in his room sleeping (normally this boy is a deep sleeper, can sleep through a hurricane)but God made him hear me & he woke up & came in swiftly & killed the snake
I just want to thank Olowogbogboro for saving my kids & I. Imagine if I had continued sleeping cos in previous times when I’ve had bad dreams, I wake up, say a few words of prayer & sleep off. But this time I was up praying, praising & worshipping God. This hallelujah challenge has really taught me how to praise & worship God. Thank you God from the bottom of my heart I thank you always#####



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