He is not Here!

It’s still early but she had made her mind for this journey.There are questions,but she didn’t bother.Her Baggage is heavy,but she covered good ground with them. She was ardent to do something for him who saved her life.She remembered the day she first met him, “I was right in the midst of many religious leaders, the verdict had been made, I had to die, stoned to death that’s the rule of the land, what else can a prostitute expect.‘Give me another chance, please!’ I begged. But there was no compassion! All I could see was fury and excitement over the faces of many, and of many I knew who once slept with me in the dark.”

She reached the graveyard, let down the baggage full of spices, which she had prepared to anoint him. “Who will help in moving the tomb stone?” Alas! To her surprise, the tomb stone was already rolled off. “Where is my Lord’s body, who took it away?” She remembered the last time, just when the crowd was ready to pelt her, the Lord declared, ‘Who among you is without sin,may him stone her first’. His words were sharp like a sword; none could stand in their good conscience. All fled the stage one by one leaving us alone.Should I live or die now depends on him.Surprisingly he said to me, “Go! Go and sin no more”. Never again was I the same old me.I found respect and honor, peace and purpose for my life.Was he born just to save me?”
She wept and cried, looked for any around who took her master’s body. “Oh Mary”, she heard, “Why Do You Look for the Living among the Dead? He is Not Here, He is Alive!” There is no other day in man’s history as significant as this. Death has been destroyed; the plot of sin is broken. In Christ you have an eternal life, freedom from the power of sin and death.For God so loved the world (you) that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in him will have eternal life.

I came with a baggage of perfume for the dead but instead he made me a fragrance of life to the world, that’s my story! – Mary.

Written By ICPF

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