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HEAD TO HEAD – Stella Damasus’ Anyi na ja gimma video VS Gabriel Eziashi’s Aka Akaya video ( @gabrielezuashi , @stelladamasus )

Head To Head is where we review music videos of songs that have certain similarities and common grounds. We pitch the music videos head to head and discover who nailed it or failed it. Each music video will first be reviewed separately then compared one to another based on storytelling, costume, make up, picture quality, props, relevance of video to song, choreography, attention to details, direction and location. So, here goes –

Both songs are rendered in the Igbo language and are in fact remakes of ancient traditional Igbo songs that seem long forgotten. Both are not based in Nigeria as one as settled in the United States and the other has always been in the United Kingdom. Now that we have been able to highlight a few similarities, can we dig in?


Anyi na ja gi mma by Stella Damasus

The scene opens with the aerial view of a well manicured maze like lawn; camera angle slowly descends to reveal the chauffeur helping SD out of the car. Next scene is in the house and she stands backing a white man playing the grand piano as she sings the song in a serenading pitch. The two other scenes in the video include the one with her sitting down and the one in the garden with the half orchestra all with her dressed in the 1960s – Gatsby theme. One thing I still do not get about that video is the seductive looks.


The video is simple and the story straight – ‘I am worshiping God’ other components that came together in this video are on point as well. I am not sure I totally agree with the angle with which she came through with this one but what is sure is that it was well done.

Aka Akaya by Gabriel Eziashi

There is a Microphone and a star dotted background the Gabriel himself steps up to the mic to deliver.  Not too far along we see some guys and women playing instruments and singing along. I particularly like the varieties of the violin and Udu. The feel of this video is that of someone who just gathers his friends and plays a song to worship God. His delivery is also on point as his countenance is that of someone who is worshiping God and enjoying It at the same time. We can relate to that. Another feature is his bowing out of the light at the end of the song. It gives is a feeling that he went to the presence of God to worship.


Anyi na ja gi mma                                                                                          Aka Akaya

Relevance to song – 7                                                                                   Relevance to song – 9

Story-line – 7                                                                                                 Story-line – 9

Picture Quality – 9                                                                                        Picture Quality – 8

Choreography – 5                                                                                         Choreography – 8

Attention To Details –   8                                                                               Attention To Details – 8

Costume –   9                                                                                                Costume – 9

Props –   9                                                                                                      Props – 8

Make Up –  8                                                                                                  Make Up – 7

Location –  8                                                                                                   Location – 9

Direction –  7                                                                                                  Direction – 9

Overall –   77%                                                                                               Overall – 84%

Needless to say that Aka Akaya by Gabriel is way better.


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