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Health Tips: Benefits of Watermelon

Most of us tend to see this succulent fruit and neglect it because of one reason or the other for instance, we feel

  1. It contains a lot of sugar
  2. It has too many seeds which could be tiring, I agree.
  3. It is watery so what’s the point I can take water but we fail to see the extra advantages of this edible fruit.

As they say when you have knowledge of something you tend to use them well, so lets go into the benefits:

  1. Helps in water balance in the body and also alleviate muscle cramps as well as regulate blood pressure.
  2. It reduces water retention, balance hormones and strengthens your immune system.
  3. It contains 90% of water and less than 10% of Sugar which is glucose and fructose and they are simple sugar which are absorbed by bloodstream to provide instant energy.
  4. It involves Beta cartoene which helps in vision and eye related problem as well as fighting various cold infections.

So you evangelist especially who don’t eat watermelon I think this is the time to have a rethink,  so to walk throughout the streets of Lagos and world reaching out to people surviving muscle cramps, take more of watermelon, to move word all over the world effectively.

Psalms 24:1

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