“But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.” (Matthew 14: 24)

That is the Focal Scripture of Streams of Joy Devotional today.

When Jesus’ disciples were tossed about in the midst of the sea, the real problem was not the waves. There was a contrary wind that created the waves. Ordinarily, the waves of water in a sea can be seen, but the wind can only be felt but not seen. The real problem of the ship was an unseen wind; something that was not easily visible was behind the trouble in the middle of the sea.

Jesus eventually came into the ship and the wind ceased; the moment the wind ceased, nothing more was heard about the waves. The root of the problem was dealt with and thThe foundation of the problem was destroyed and the symptom disappeared. Jesus silenced the wind and the waves had no option but to walk away from the sea.

Friend, ask God to address the hidden issues behind your visible challenges. Ask God to destroy the foundation of every challenge in your family, marriage, finances, career, business, neighbourhood, etc. Pray against every unseen hand responsible for your troubles; pray against the root cause of every problem in your nation; pray against the root of pain, shame, disappointments, etc in your life and in the lives of those connected to you.

Ask God to show you the root of the stubborn challenges that are tossing your life around. Ask God to open your eyes to see the root of your challenges; ask God to open your eyes to see the hidden issues that are tormenting your destiny; ask God to reveal the source of your challenges to you.

If you focus on the symptoms of your trouble without dealing with the root cause, the trouble will remain. Fight your troubles from their roots and the troubles will disappear.

Pray With Me: Lord, reveal and destroy the root of every challenge in my life, in Jesus’ name!

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Enjoy A Blessed Monday.

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