How My Kindness Was Misinterpreted


Have you ever done something you thought would be a pleasant surprise to someone only for the person to end up misinterpreting your intentions?

Ok, let’s consider these scenarios.

A guy needs help from a lady but the lady is reluctant to extend help to the guy not because she doesn’t have the means to but because over time her service of kindness to the male folks have been misinterpreted as “this lady is desperate for a husband”.

A lady is celebrating her birthday but her man won’t buy her a gift not that he does not want to but because the last time he tried giving out a gift it was interpreted as “cheap”.

An employer wants to be nicer to his/her employees but just can’t because the other time he went out of his way to be too nice it was used against his company.

A guy cannot introduce his woman to any of his guys not just because he does not trust them, but because the last time he tried it, he ended up training the girl for another man.

The list is just endless.

These days you see people holding back kindness not because they are wicked people, but because the act of kindness they once did to someone somewhere it was used against them.

But the truth is that if we all begin or continue to withhold kindness from people, we might end up not being a blessing to someone who genuinely needs the help from us.

Time and time again you must have found yourself in situations where you asked yourself why you should keep being kind because of how your intentions and act of kindness have been misinterpreted in the past.

But the fact is that you can only control your actions, but you can never control how people interpret those actions; hence rather than worry yourself about people’s shallow mindedness in interpreting things, focus on doing the right thing.

So the next time you feel the push to extend a helping hand, please do not shilly-shally. (hesitate to).

Like the scripture says:

Be not weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Galatians 6:9.

In conclusion. Keep sowing those little seeds of kindness, I tell you, they are never in vain.

Remember that it is only those who sow that will reap.

Now let’s talk, have you ever helped or done something for someone and the person turned it against you?




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