Women should cultivate the culture of celebrating and honouring their husbands and sons before their daughters. Perpetually upbraiding the male citizens of the home in front  of the daughters riddle the future women’s minds with flawed pictures and notion of the character and use of a man. Once they get it wrong in the mind, they get themselves wronged in the end.

Men as a matter of pride must learn to speak lovingly, honouringly and respectfully to their wives and daughters before their sons. This way we would stem the rise of an unruly and violent generation of young men who see no difference between a woman and a punching bag or an acquired item to make the house look good. Sons should grow up to detect the blend of tenderness and authority in their father’s voice; they should feel the fervour with which Dad seeks to make mum comfortable and happy.

In the end, our sons and daughters are apprenticed to us for the many years they wake up under our roof. When they gain their “freedom” and leave the shelter we provide, chances are that we have sufficiently tooled them to be mega us – taking our good or vices to the next level.


The only way we can help and preserve the next generation is when fathers and mothers choose to be responsible. And that is the call today.

You will succeed.

Tomide Olukuade
Writer & Life Advisor

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Written by Perry Martins

Perry Martins, officially known as Martins Okonkwo is One of Africa's foremost Gospel Music and Christian Entertainment blogger. He is Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni and a Young African Leaders Initiative Alumni.
Perry is also a Radio and TV host on Gospotainment Radio.