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Bishop TD Jakes

If You Miss Your Present, Then You’ve been Robbed Irreplaceably – TD Jakes

Bishop (Thomas Dexter) TD Jakes, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, songwriter, playwright, conference speaker, broadcaster and movie producer and the Bishop In – Charge of The Potter’s House, admonishes us this morning via his Instagram page never to loose sight of the power of our presence and to always keep the past behind us.

Bishop T.D Jakes

He (T.D Jakes) buttressed his point by saying that  many people dwell in the graveyard of their past and others keep on dreaming of how lovely and glorious their future will be, without taking necessary actions or steps.

Jakes, dished out those words from his wealth of experience gathered over the years and as a man who has authored several books like:Woman, Thou Art Loosed, Water in the Wilderness, Why? Because You Are Anointed, When Shepherds Bleed: A Study Guide for Wounded Pastors, Naked and Not Ashamed: We’ve Been Afraid to Reveal What God Longs to Heal, Loose That Man and Let Him Go!, Help Me I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!, Can You Stand to Be Blessed? amongst others.


Never lose sight of the power of your presence! Lasting love centers around present people. Those who simply showed up when others were derelict! Some live in the graveyard of their past. Others spend all of their time dreaming of their future. But, if you don’t sit staunchly in your present, you could easily cripple your future and repeat the misfortunes of your past! I’ve learned to just be present and accounted for. Do I have dreams for tomorrow? Yes, absolutely! Do I have ghost from the past? That’s an inevitable part of surviving. But, if I miss my present, I would’ve been robbed in an irreplaceable way! When the roll is called, be sure you are always present and accounted! #nightnotes #dontmissthis

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