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Interview : I sang my first song at age 12 – A A James

Adewuyi JAMES

Gospotainment News Crew caught up with the very talented A A James, who recently released his debut single titled A Man To Pray. The song has so far garnered over 16,000 downloads and from our experience, that is exceptional for a debut. He spoke to us about is life, work and future prospects in teh gospel music scene. Here is the interview.   Adewuyi JAMES

GT : Can we get to meet you, (tell us about yourself)?

James : I am Adewuyi Ayodeji James, that’s the full meaning of A.A.James, an accountant by profession and a minstrel by calling. I have been mandated by the HolyGhost to restore true and Spirit-Filled worship back to the body of Christ in all Nations of the Earth via God-centered Music ministrations and the revelation of God’s Heart beat concerning his worship as unveiled in the scriptures by the same HolyGhost. My vision is to harvest into the Kingdom of God multitudes of Spirit-Filled souls of all age groups and social classes via music who posses the revelation of God’s word as it bothers on the worship of the Most High. My motto is EXCELLENCE, TRUTH & PRESENCE.

GT : Tell us about your music career, the starting point?

James : I started music far back as my primary school days as a drummer. I sang my first song at 12. Though I’ve been a drummer most of my life. I started major singing and compositions just in 2011 – Arise Nigeria, Kusema (Swahili) in 2014. I have served as a Music Director and Instructor of the following churches – Christ Apostolic Church, Christ Embassy, Living Faith Church, Omega Fire Ministry, all in Kano State. My turning point can be traced back to my contact with my Spiritual parents Pastor & Pastor Mrs Mike Davids, the state pastor, Omega Fire Ministry, Kano. I was taught commitment and loyalty to God and authority. As I became more committed in the matters of the Kingdom of God, things started turning around for my good as it is this day.

GT : Tell us about your latest song?

James : Jesus spoke a parable to his disciples in Luke 10:1 saying “men ought always to pray and not to faint”, Matt 6:6 says “But, thou, WHEN thou Prayest…” Jer 33:3 says “call unto me, and I will answer thee..” Jer 29:12 “and ye shall go and PRAY unto me and I will harken unto you…” Matt 7:7 says “ask and ye shall receive…” All these and many more scriptures tells us that God only provides answers to those who PRAY. God does nothing until men pray. This song admonishes us to pray rather than complain about the government, spend up your words in prayers rather than in gossip. If you can talk with God, you can talk with any man, if you can kneel before God, you stand before men. This therefore leads us to a universal conclusion of truth “WHERE THERE IS A MAN TO PRAY, THERE IS A GOD TO ANSWER”.

Adewuyi JAMES1GT : What was the inspiration behind the song?

James : I am a Christian and all my inspiration comes from the Spirit of God. Secondly, I belong to a ministry and my responsibility as a son is to re-echo what God speaks to His servant concerning His heart beat in a musical piece. So when the Restoration Apostle – Apostle Prof Johnson Suleman speaks the heart of God, I pick it up, put tunes to it and publish it to music lovers round the world. So where His messages can’t reach, music will cut through.

GT : Do you have plans of making musical videos to the song?

James : Definitely.

GT : What are your plans for next year?

James : By the Help of God 2018 for me is expansion, breaking new grounds, more recordings. On a more serious note, for me, music starts in 2018, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered the hearts of men what God has as plan for A.A.James come 2018. Nevertheless let’s keep our fingers crossed.

GT : Apart from music, what do you do?

James : I am Music Minister by call and that’s what I’m doing all my life. But as a way of life, I just love the market, I love seeing buying and selling taking place and am involved in a few businesses – Cryptocurrency investment, Modern Agro-Business.

GT : Share with us the testimonies of your song to the people?

James : The song And Man To Pray has blessed thousands of lives round the world by implanting in people the knowledge of the truth that things only gets done when God is involved by prayers. I keep receiving testimonies concerning the impact the song has made on people’s prayer lives.

GT : What are your words to the people and to the upcoming artistes?

James : Word to the World

James : No matter what you go through, “If you can talk with God, you can talk with any man, if you can kneel before God, you will certainly stand before men” Spend time with God, you definitely will get answers.

GT : Word to upcoming artistes

James : My motto is Excellence Truth and Presence. Strive for Excellence, stand for truth – purity, holiness, sincerity, honesty, integrity and pursue to remain in God’s presence, and the Earth will feel the impact of your presence.

GT : Thank you for your time, God bless you.

James :  You are welcome.

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