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Interview with Panebi Wilson

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Tell us about you:

I am Panebi Terry Wilson formally musically known as ”TERRYWILS”. I come from heaven, through Bayelsa state, Nigeria, West Africa. I’m a passionate biblical teacher and an international Christian Musician with the message of hope, peace and love which is all that really matters in this world filled so many uncertainties. I’m a practising musician, recording artist, music director with almost two decades experience, a music and media consultant and a loving friend. 

Tell us about your musical foundation and ministry:  

I began music as a teenager in Portharcout Nigeria as a drummer and Keyboardist. Not long after, I was discovered to be a good singer by my music director who then gave me the platform to improve on it. Then I joined the classical choir, grew up to the position of assistant choirmaster as it’s called in the Anglican Church of Nigeria, and in 2003, my music ministry began. 

Stream Jesus is Here by Panebi Wilson

Why did you choose gospel?
The gospel of Chris is the power of salvation to everyone who believes. After I received Jesus as Lord and saviour in 1997, there was really nothing to talk or sing about if not the gospel of Christ…and it hasn’t changed till this day and won’t as long as I live. There’s power in the gospel of Christ, it saved me, and I want to use it to save others through my music. 

Are you signed to a label?

As of now, no. But I’m open for such opportunities as it is my desire to be signed to a label of international repute. 

What sets you apart from the rest?

Everyone is created uniquely by God so I believe 
my vocal uniqueness and musical sound as I try to create a sound unique to me.

Tell us your perception about gospel music in Africa as against the globe:

In time past our music was nowhere in the global map, but today the story has changed. Our music has taken over the globe in the past 15 years and the positive effect is so visible. So my perception is that if we could achieve this much within this few years, then the sky is indeed a starting point for our music of which I’m proud to be a part of. 

What’s the church reaction to gospel music ministers?

The church is beginning to accept the important role music ministers play in the ministry which in time past wasn’t so. Although there are some who are yet to join the bandwagon. Some churches are now awakened to invest in their music ministers which for me is commendable because I have had my share of church brutality back in the day 

Which was your biggest ministration event?
The next one.  Why I said so is because the later is greater than the past. 

How many singles have you released so far?
About 7 by God’s grace. 

Marital status:
I’m getting married in a few months time 

Who inspires you musically?
A lot that I may not be able to mention. But my greatest inspiration comes from the Holy Ghost

How much songwriting do you do?
Songs are penned down like the air I breathe. 

Your Favorite musical instrument?
The keyboard and acoustic guitar 

Tell us about your best moment in live:
The day I received the Holy Ghost, that changed my life completely. 

If you are 18 again, what will you do differently?
Have a doctorate degree in music.  

What are you most afraid of?
God has not given me the spirit of fear. 

Any foreign and local collaboration?
A few local and working on a foreign collaboration as we speak… keep your fingers crossed on who the artiste would be. 

Best song ever recorded?
The next one 

Describe yourself in three words:
I never quit.

If you are to ban one thing?
Cultism as it’s the hub of all criminal activities. 

What is the way forward for you:
I’ll keep on pressing to the mark of a higher calling in ministry, business and in life in general.

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