Introducing Gospotainment’s Latest Team Memeber – Tega Mandrake

Gospotainment Media IS THRILLED TO WELCOME OUR NEW BLOGGER – Tega Mandrake, Social media professional (SMP)! @9jamandrake
This week we’re super excited to welcome our brand new Blogger, Tega Mandrake, top blogger from !  I’ve known Mandrake for … well forever (at least in the world of blogging).  He’ll be posting lots of great content regularly to The Daily amusement of readers. so we’ll let Tega Mandrake introduce himself:
Gospotainment Readers……
Tega Mandrake
This is my first report on my use of Gospotainment, so first, a bit of background on me: I am a professional blogger with great love for what i do.i reside in  lagos, i am from delta state Nigeria, and the last child of my parents,i was born in the 80’s and i am a great lover of God,music and computers. I love getting on top of trending articles which always get me on the edge of getting the freshest of news as they happen. I work with musicians to bring out the best in them and definitely create the bridge with fans and their favorite Celebes’s. This includes granting interviews,news and publishing of media related materials .
I accepted to be part of this great team at Gospotainment Radio because I instantly saw the benefit of this system when I first learned about it. For years I have been promoting good articles and musics as a method of developing attention control capacity.
I am very excited to be on
My future blog entries will be reporting on things such as news,relationships,life style,music,events,interviews and other exciting contents,the ways I know, and updates on my experimentation and observations using Gospotainment.
On a final and personal note, I have been much more consistent because I enjoy the challenge that blogging provides.
I know who I am, and what I think, I do not sugar coat anything. Here you have it straight up, so fasten your seatbelts!
Together with Gospotainment Media team, as the only exclusive Gospel entertainment portal in Nigeria.
Here are my contacts:
Twitter:  9jamandrake
whatsapp: +2347062850211

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