Israeli Government Threatens Christian TV Channel

A Christian TV channel GOD TV which was recently launched in Israel afer signing a seven-year contract with major Israeli cable television provider, HOT to host its new Hebrew-language channel also publicly stated that “God has supernaturally opened the door for us to take the gospel of Jesus into the homes, and lives and hearts of his Jewish people.” The statement was made by GOD TV CEO, Ward Simpson and it has caused many a major unrest among the majority of the Jews.

Many in the Jewish state see the conversion of Jews as a threat to the relatively small global population as well as their majority status within Israel. While the country’s laws do not place an outright ban on proselytising, it is forbidden to preach to a person under 18 without the consent of a parent. The statement seems even more provocative with the point that the stations content would be geared towards the younger generation.

This has made Isreal’s Communications minister David Amsalem to threaten last week to shut down the channel if it was confirmed to have broken the rules. “We won’t allow any missionary channel to operate in the state of Israel, not at any time and not under any circumstances,” David Amsalem warned.

Israel’s regulatory body, The Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council also said it would close down the channel if it broadcast “content that has the potential to influence viewers in an undue fashion”. But through all this GOD TV is adamant they have nothing to hide and believe since they have the express backing of HOT then they can go ahead.
What do you think of GOD TVs mission and the stand of the Israeli goverment?

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