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Jerrad Lopes’ ‘Dad Tired And Loving It’ To Be Launched By September

Dad Tired And Loving It: The recent headline from famous author/speaker/blogger and podcast host Jerrad Lopes, Stumbling Your Way To Spiritual Leadership, will be accessible from Harvest House Publishers on September 3.

In the larger image of God’s plan, helping people discern their responsibilities as husbands and fathers, Dad Tired And Loving It unpacks practical guidance and encouragement on a range of topics.

Founder of the Dad Tired movement— a multi-faceted ministry and online community — Lopes relates his own struggles candidly and humorously throughout the 192-page book as a young husband and father. He challenges people not to do anything at all, but to take the first measures to “stumble” their way through spiritual leadership.

Dad Tired And Loving It It eventually demonstrates people their tale is not the story — it’s all about Jesus. Helping parents point their families, their society and their world to God by seeking humility rather than perfection, the book includes ideas such as not letting sin and shame prevent people from guiding their families; discovering adventure in God’s Kingdom, not in the globe; and creating family memories centered on the Gospel.

“As a young dad, I’m not necessarily looking for a magic formula on how to raise kids, written by someone much older than me,” Lopes shares in the book’s introduction. “I’ll take all the advice I can get, but I also know there are no shortcuts or get-the-perfect-kid-quick methods out there. I’m not looking for the latest parenting trends. I’m looking for Jesus.” 

“That’s why I wrote this book,” he adds. “I personally wanted to know what the Scriptures had to say about what it means to lead my family well. Like many of my peers, I didn’t have a dad around when I was growing up, so I had no one to teach me what spiritual leadership looks like. This book is filled with a lot of practical tips on how to become the spiritual leader of your home, but it goes much deeper than some how-tos. It aims to get at the heart behind them.” 

Before starting the Dad Tired blog and podcasting out of his own desire to be a better husband and dad, Jerrad Lopes served as a pastor for over a decade. Among many others, the podcast featured interviews with known Christian politicians like Bob Goff, Jon Acuff, Paul David Tripp, and Jefferson Bethke, and has been downloaded more than a million times since its debut almost four years ago.

The Dad Tired movement provides a variety of resources to assist people to assume their duties as spiritual rulers, drawing young spouses and fathers from all walks of life into a crucial community of encouragement and intentionality. Lopes is also the author of Fully Engaged: 10 Practical Ways To Point Your Family Toward Jesus, a sought-after speaker at men’s ministry events across the nation. He and his wife Leila are living with their three kids in Portland, Oregon.

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