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Joe Praize shares vital gospel music ministry tips.

Celebrated Gospel music minister and Coast to Coast Music Boss, Joe Praize, shared a few ministry tips with his fans and fellow music ministers in a post on instagram.

Joe Praize shares..
I have been traveling and ministering in different church programs more frequently than ever… so many things came to play as I ministered across cities… As a gospel artiste ( music minister) understanding the importance of what you do and the office you occupy is very necessary… When you are invited for a church event consider the following ;
1. Consider others scheduled for that event when you are on stage with regards to the time spent except when told otherwise by the authorities … I have ministered on stage where I stayed 2hrs or more on stage but that is based on request from my host. Don’t stay more than necessary on stage because when you do that you eat into the time of other music ministers and that isn’t cool, they might be laughing with u but “DEM DEY VEX” …
2. Always seek to set the mood or create an atmosphere conducive enough for the main speaker (pastor) to glide on, because in the end it’s for the purpose of God to be perfected through everyone’s ministration… (every joint supplying ) … it’s better to say WE DID IT than I DID IT…
3. I know you want to promote your personal songs, every Singer likes it when their songs are known world over but is that song appropriate for that time ? Why not prayerfully choose those songs that the people can flow with at least for programs that needs everybody’s participation.
4. Try and carry the host choir or music group along , let them see you as a co music minister and not that highly placed superstar that cannot be touched, though there is nothing wrong being a superstar … This has a way of helping them build some confidence in their own career such that by the time you are gone there is growth and believe they too can become a superstar… God bless you…?”

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