Katy Perry Loses Copyright Infringement Case To ‘Flame’

The judge’s decision is in, and FLAME was determined, and his team won the nearly five-year legal fight against Katy Perry. It was achieved that the beat to Perry’s smash hit “Dark Horse” “improperly copied” FLAME’s “Joyful Noise” track.

As shown by Billboard, the song’s collaborators are Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), Karl Martin Sandberg (Max Martin), Henry Walter (Cirkut), Sarah Hudson, and Jordan Michael Houston (Juicy J), Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Music Corporation, Kobalt Publishing, Kasz Money Inc. are all responsible.

It took the jury seven days to deliberate and come to their choice. FLAME and his team argued that the song was popular enough for Perry and business to hear it despite their rejection. They also had a beat breakdown by a musicologist and clarify the similarities. Perry’s defense team introduced their own specialist to refute these allegations. Another plaintiff’s strategy was to use Perry’s former background as a Christian singer as well as to have pastored for relatives as a reason she would have heard the song.

In case you missed the previous update on this case click here

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