Kayode Omosa – Forward In Jesus (VIDEO + LYRICS)


Forward in Jesus is a beautiful gospel song by Kayode Omosa showcases the finished work of Jesus Christ, what He has done for us, what we have in Him and what He is doing through us. It yet another single off the forth coming album.

Believers who are in Christ do not only abide in Him, they go forward, higher and stronger as they grow deeper in the knowledge of Him. Kayode Omosa.

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Forward In Jesus by Kayode OMosa

Verse 1:

I know it in my ‘Knower’
As revealed by the Spirit
That we have been Redeemed by the blood
I know it in my ‘Knower’
As revealed by the Spirit
That we are the
Sons of God
We’re going forward
Forward forward
We’re going forward
Forward in Jesus
We’re going higher
Higher higher
We’re going higher
Higher in Jesus
Verse 2:
With Jesus Christ in me
I know I am made in Him
We’ve been made to sit
Together with Him
Far above principalities
And powers)
Yes! We have come to Zion the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem
With Jesus Christ in me
I know I have taken it
We have received abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness
And we reign
We have victory through Him that loved us
(Repeat Chorus)
We’re growing deeper
Deeper deeper
We’re growing deeper
Deeper in Jesus
We’re growing stronger
Stronger stronger
We’re growing stronger
Stronger in Jesus
Moving Forward
Siyahamba Pambili
Ngo Jesu (Swahili We are moving forward in Jesus)
Uya hamba pambili?
(Are you going forward?)
Pambili (Forward)
We are moving forward
Far from the shadows
Far from the figures
Far from the types
And symbols
Into the image
Into the light
Into Christ Jesus
Into righteousness
Eternal life
Eternal Salvation
Eternal inheritance
Eternal rest

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