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Keeping The Faith

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Due to the lock-down imposed by the increase in number of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, many activities, including religious activities have been suspended. This makes keeping the faith during the lock-down very essential.

The lock-down and restriction of meetings and gatherings has impacted religious activities so greatly that the majority of churches can no longer function like normal. Most churches have adapted to the trend of online services and online broadcasting for their programmes, while some are still just catching on to it.

For churches who have already adapted to online streaming, many of the members would not have a problem staying connected to teachings, sermons and other activities going on in church. But despite this development, there are still individuals out there who might have challenges with keeping the faith at a time like this.

To this end, I have made a short list of ways by which Christians can still maintain the faith during this period. Here are 5 Ways To Keep The Faith During The Lockdown:


This one is for our heads of family. On a normal busy day of the week, or even weekends, the hustle and bustle of city life makes it extremely difficult, and in some cases, impossible for most men of the house to gather the family for a family altar. However this lock-down period is a perfect opportunity to engage in family altar devotions. Family altar has great benefits and is a great way of bonding with your family as well as keeping in tune with the Christian faith.


Even if your church does not have a means of streaming services or keeping their activities going, there are Christian Cable and TV channels which are especially dedicated to airing Christian content. Some of these channels include TBN, Trace Gospel, and Dove Media to mention a few. Local TV stations also air Christian content which you can tune in to in order to keep up to date with God’s Word.


This is a great way to maintain that spiritual connection even in the midst of everything else. There are several tapes and podcasts from anointed ministers that are available on various platforms and all you need do is browse the web, search for these messages, download them and enjoy with family. You can also share to friends and colleagues too, you just might win a soul!


Yes! Games are a very great way for family bonding. Even as you’re engaging in ll these other Christian activities and keeping the family in line with God’s teachings, it might get boring if that is ALL you do. Sometimes, you can mix things up with a game of scrabble, or any other such board game that the family can enjoy.


Since the break out of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been all sorts of stories and conspiracy theories about what and what are the reasons for the situation of things. The truth is that there are people who naturally live for times like this. They are called alarmists and “Armageddonists” and they basically just spin stories to spread fear and all sorts of things to keep people worrying and bothering about things which are unnecessary. The best thing is to ignore such social media posts and stories in order to keep your mental and spiritual health.

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