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Kenny Kore likes to play assistant holy spirit – says Isaac Gerald

Kenny Kore

After the release of Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s Heart. passion. Pursuit album which features a hip- hop rapper, Nicki Minaj on one of the tracks “I’m Getting Ready”, there have been a lot talks going on about the collaboration. Some  of Tasha Cobbs followers and lovers of her music does not settle with fact that Tasha Cobbs featured Nicki Minaj. Some of Tasha followers in Nigeria took to their social media  to express their dissatisfaction about the collaboration, while some loved it.

A Nigeria gospel artiste, Nikki Laoye, on Instagram shared her thought about the collaboration.

Oh yeah… Now I am ready… Swipe left to read it all.. Got a lot to share on this.. I had to create a note, took my time to write my thots and God sent ppl around me yesterday to give me more insight on this work of ours..Yes some Gospel Artists like @NikkiLaoye , Tasha Cobbs @tashacobbsleonard, @KirkFranklin, @TimGodfreyworld have a reason why we work with Mainstream artists to share the gospel. ….And here’s my ending note: “IS IT YOUR BLOOD THAT WAS SHED? Lol! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ And as reminded by a Muslim turned Christian who had to pay a huge price to serve Christ @abiodunfolawiyo last night at an impromptu meeting at @olaitandada’s studio: . . . . # “THE CHURCH, THIS GOSPEL MESSAGE, IS NOT YOURS, MINE, OR OURS… It is the LORD’S” And everyone deserves a place, a part of it . It is for everyone. #. . #OpinionsDontSaveLives – they make no difference sef, The songs are already out there, touching lives and spreading the Gospel already sha ? … So no need to become Assistant Holy Spirit or Special Adviser in spirit affairs .. Lol. God’s got this ?) . # I hope these words will help you all to walk and serve in Love always. Even I still need more of Jesus everyday. God bless you all.. . . # Much love from me, Nikki Laoye (back to work.. Many more collabos coming sef..) #OpinionsDontSaveLives #WeAreTakingTheGospelOverTheWallsOfChurch #WeAllNeedALilMoreJesus #JesusIsForEverybody #NikkiLaoye #SeyiShay #OnlyYouRemixVideo #TashaCobbs #NickiMinaj #ImGettingReady #inspireMeByNikkiLaoye ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ (ps: Thank you for commenting in love below ?…I might not respond to comments but I see them all… We would all have different opinions and it’s Ok.. Let’s keep walking in love, Many ppl need Jesus out there.. You don’t have to do it my way.. Make sure you are helping others to find Jesus too in your own way and calling.

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Some of Nikki Laoye’s followers saw her post and decided to comment. Some approved her opinion while some didn’t. Among the comments was Isaac Gerald’s, a well known Nigerian singer, who took the opportunity to throw shade at Kenny Kore, a Nigerian gospel singer. In the comment, Isaac Gerald wrote,

“I know i shouldn’t mention names but at this point I don’t care… @kennykore likes to play assistant holy spirit…it’s not ur duty sir…that’s how He once saw me at the mall a while ago and said to me that he’s not sure of my salvation…are the calculator Jesus uses to measure our salvation? Pls make good music sir and let other artistes be! I’m still a huge fan but pls stop playing God…it’s not in ur place!” – Isaac Gerald.

Kenny kore

Kenny Kore, who is always on his Instagram sharing the word of God, also dished out his opinion about the collaboration.

“Tasha Cobbs collaboration with the soft pornography rap artist Nicki Minaj Is an #INSULT to Christianity.

Jesus hung out with sinners, and they #CHANGED,  let’s hope that Nicki Minaj would start covering up and continue to sing gospel songs after this collaboration, and not that Tasha Cobbs is about to become the next Mali Music.

I’m inviting my brother Olumati Isaiah to a healthy debate on the subject on my facebook page.
Let our character as Christians show forth as we disagree and or agree… THE TEST OF MATURITY IS NOT HOW WELL WE AGREE, BUT HOW WELL WE DISAGREE.” – Kenny Kore

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