Kenyan Prophet reportedly resurrects dead woman

A woman has reportedly resurrected from the dead following a “three-word miracle text’” from a Prophet, Kenya’s most dominant independent daily newspaper, Daily Nation reports.

Rosa Rotirakori from Cheparten village, South Pokot sub-county in Kenya is said to have collapsed and died on Thursday at around 1am.

However, it is said that she came back to life after two hours following the intervention of one of Kenya’s popular Prophets, David Owuor of the Repentance and Holiness Church.

How it started

“She became very weak on Wednesday. By midnight, her condition had worsened…she was unable to walk and experienced difficulties breathing.”

Samson narrated to press that he then called a senior pastor from the ministry who asked him to send the prophet a prayer.

“Immediately after the phone call, Rosa stopped breathing and stretched out her hands and legs,” he said.

“My wife urinated before her last breath. I then covered her with a blanket. My daughter Levine Chesang was beside her. Her body was cold and stiff and her heart had stopped beating.”

Chesang said she screamed immediately after her mother died, alerting their neighbour.

Her father said his wife remained dead for about two hours and that it took the powers of prophet for her to return to life.

“It is well”

Samson said at about 51 minutes past midnight, he received an SMS from Owuor saying: “It is well”.

Two hours later, he said, Rosa began coughing and sneezing.

“She came back to life and asked everyone twice: ‘who has brought me back?’,” he said.

Daily Nation reveals that Rosa’s husband Samson Rotirakori said he believed that his wife had died for about two hours, and that she regained life after he sought prayers from the prophet.

Social media gone wild

Word went round quickly about the ‘miracle’ on social media among other channels and by Friday morning, hundreds of people and a long convoy of vehicles was headed to the remote village.

“More than 300 cars arrived. Schools were closed and every activity stopped as people travelled to witness the miracle,” a resident told The Star, Kenya.

Dr Zachary Kasepoi, a senior deputy director of medical services, who is also a presiding bishop in West Pokot told the source there is nowhere in the world doctors could bring back to life a dead body but he also believes Prophet Owuor raised Rosa from dead.

Speaking to The Star after the ceremony, Rosa said she died and came back to life, and urged Kenyans to repent.

“I was to be buried today but I thank my prophet for bringing me back to life. I did not speak Kiswahili but after resurrecting, I can now address the media in Kiswahili,” she said.

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