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Kim Davis says “If The Word Of God Isn’t Worth Fighting For, I Don’t Know What Is”

The press is trying to paint her as a hypocrite with a shady past who’s been divorced multiple times. What they don’t tell you is that she was redeemed from her past only four years ago when she was radically saved during a church memorial for her mother-in-law.

A report published by Decision Magazine details the remarkable spiritual journey of Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk from Kentucky who has made headlines since being arrested for not issuing gay marriage licenses.

While the mainstream media trumpets Davis’ past, in effect trying to make her look like a hypocrite, they neglect to highlight the fact that Davis was saved after her many divorces.

Notes the report: “[Davis’] deep devotion to Christ is rooted in the love and grace she received at her conversion [in 2011] more than four years ago, which she said followed years of “living in a pit of sin that I had created with my very own hands.”

The article says Davis is grounded in the peace of God that “passes all understanding” and notes that she prays regularly for “the salvation and protection of the same-sex couples who have assailed her.”

“We serve a living God who is alive and on the throne,” she said. “He knows exactly where I am and I know that His hand is upon me and upon His people. He is in full control.”

“If the Word of God isn’t worth fighting for,” she concluded, “I don’t know anything that is.”

Source: Christian Post

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