Kim Davis Who stood by her faith finally released from jail

Same Judge Who Jailed Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Orders Her Release
Aimee Herd/Charlene Aaron (Sep 8, 2015)
“Gavin Newsome in San Francisco as mayor performed same-sex weddings even though it
was illegal. Did he ever get put in jail? He most certainly did not.” –Former
Governor Mike Huckabee

(Morehead, KY)—UPDATE: According to a Breitbart report, Kim Davis, the Rowan County
clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses citing her Christian faith,
and was sent to jail last week, is now being released.

District Judge David Bunning reportedly issued Davis’ release from the Carter County
Detention Center on Tuesday, he was the same judge who had ordered her to jail
without bail last Thursday.

A rally in support of Davis was planned by GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike
Huckabee for later on Tuesday.

[CBN News] Attorneys for Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis had officially appealed a
judge’s decision to jail her for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples
[because of her Christian faith].

As hundreds of Davis supporters rallied outside the Carter County Detention Center
this weekend, her lawyer said his client was in good spirits and showing incredible

Even so, there are those on the right who think she should back down.

“I respect the fact that this lady doesn’t agree, but she’s also a government
employee,” Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, said. “She’s not running a church—I wouldn’t
force this on a church—but in terms of her responsibility, I think she has to

Davis’ legal team says she’s committed both to following her conscience—and keeping
her job.

“She has no intention of stepping down because she loves her people and loves her
job,” attorney Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, said.

Her attorneys are asking that the government accommodate her beliefs by simply
removing her name and title from marriage certificates.

“This accommodation would cost the tax payers nothing—you change the form and amend
the statute,” Staver said.

Meanwhile, among conservatives, there’s growing outrage over Davis’ imprisonment.

“Gavin Newsome in San Francisco as mayor performed same-sex weddings even though it
was illegal. Did he ever get put in jail? He most certainly did not,” GOP
presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee noted.

“You have Barack Obama and Eric Holder,” the former Arkansas governor continued.
“When he (Holder) was attorney general, they ignored the rulings of DOMA. Did they
get put in jail for ignoring the law? They most certainly did not.”

Source: Breaking Christian News

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