King of the streets

Raja was born into a poor family and neglected during childhood. Everyone hated him because he used to steal. He even stole his mother’s mangalsutra and her wedding saris and pawned them. He fled to Chennai and lived on the streets, sleeping near garbage bins, bus stands and railway stations. He ended up in a prison, housing 300 inmates, and became severely sick, “about to die.” He prayed and cried to God for the very first time, “Are You there to help me?” Suddenly he was relieved from all pain. For the first time he felt the presence of God and believed that there was someone who loved him. So he prayed very earnestly again, “God hear my prayer once again. If you take me out of this jail before this Christmas I will live a worthy life for you.”

That prayer changed his life. He came out of jail. With a new resolve, he started to work, driving auto rickshaws and taxis. He dedicated his life to help the dying and destitute on the streets, picking up those crawling with lice and starving, reduced to skin and bone and stinking, in his rickshaw. He started the New Ark Mission of India (Home of Hope) located in Bangalore. This is the story of ‘Auto Raja’. From poverty to a life filled with love and happiness, he is now known as “the king of the streets” bringing hope to the homeless in Bangalore and has planned to carry out this service till his last breath.
He has been honored with several awards like NDTV Man of the Year, CNN -IBN Real Heroes Award, an award from Government of Karnataka for his outstanding social work in 2002, and many more.

This act of outpouring love was a sign of the immeasurable love he received, from a source of infinite love. And that source was Jesus. He can change your situation too. He is not a God of partiality, blind to injustice and hopelessness. He is a God who is deeply concerned about the poor. He doesn’t favor the rich over the poor, for they are all the work of His hands. Without His knowledge not even a little sparrow will fall to the ground. Then how much more will He care for those who trust in Him?

Written By : ICPF Bangalore

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