Kirk Franklin and Lecrae Pulled Over by Police


It was an unbelievable day for  gospel artist Kirk Franklin, after he left his home,driving out when he was reportedly pulled over by an officer.

On driving out, on the high way, he was pulled over by a police officer who’s named is unknown. Kirk,in his post on Instagram said, he had no idea that he was driving speedily until an officer pulled him over and politely told him to slow down. Kirk who was astonished by the the officer’s politeness  expressed his excitement on Instagram on how calm and polite the officer was towards him, despite being unaware that he is a celebrity gospel artist.

Kirk took photo with the said police officer in a way of expressing his joy towards him.

Didn’t realize I was speeding this morning till this officer pulled me over and politely asked me to slow down. Blew my mind how cool he was didn’t even know me till I asked for a picture! Just wanna celebrate good hearted people in these difficult times. Good cops win!

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meanwhile, Lecrae,an award winning gospel hip hop rapper last week described his encounter with a police officer who pulled him over and also pulled a gun on him,presumed because he was black and probably the officer was a racist.

Lecrae further explained how shock he was after the officer pulled him over at Atlanta while he was locating a friend’s house,an officer spotted him, then pulled a gun from his behind and told him not to make any move.

The rapper added;

“It was really wild because I just saw myself as Philando in that moment,”he added. “It was super scary, i thought i was gonna die.

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