Kirk Franklin and Wife celebrates their union.

The marriage of many music stars are always beleaguered with issues bothering around distrust and unfaithfulness and the gospel music artists are not left out. But same can not be said of the celebrated gospel icon – Kirk Franklin.

The multiple award winning artist took to his social media pages to share a story of what happened 20 years ago. In his words;

“Twenty years ago me and Tammy (bad grammar) had the worst fight at this very spot. Married for just a couple of months we had a fight right here as soon as we landed. Being the hot headed fool I was, I bought her a plane ticket and told her to go back home while I headed to my performance… Such a fool. It hurt her, like it should have….to be so easily sent away. See, I was a runner when I was younger, I’d push you away out of fear of you leaving on your own. Tammy tolerated way more than she should have. I sat in that airport and cried like baby, delaying the concert. Such a punk.. Pushing my woman away. I begged her to forgive me..thank God she did. NEVER did that again, and now look at us! A patient (not foolish) woman can change a man’s narrative. Give him a chance or two to grow up, but don’t make a sequel out of it. Glad that scene of the movie is over!❤️”

Here you… Lesson for the married and singles alike.

Congratulations Kirk and Tammy.

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