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Knowing Your Role In A Relationship

Know your role

While I am not of the school of thought that a man or woman should be boxed into a particular role, but I must also acknowledge the fact that a lack of proper understanding as to what one’s role is in a relationship is one of the reasons many relationships are hitting the rock today.

Whether you like it or not, there are certain things your partner requires of you which if taken for granted may impinge badly on your relationship.

Let’s consider a few ways both men and women can live up to their responsibilities in love relationships.

For Men

Be a good leader: a man who shows an example of good leadership is most certainly going to be taken seriously by his woman, than the man who thinks that being a man is about having the liberty to do whatever he wants.

As a man it is your responsibility to set the pace by being a role model in your relationship and home. This becomes easy to do when you give yourself to becoming a better person every day.

Being a good leader does not mean you should be a dictator, rather it is a call to be a great manager of yourself, relationship and home.

Take responsibility: You must be ready to face difficult situations with your shoulders high. What this means is that when ugly situations arise you don’t stay back putting blames on others, rather you take charge of the situation.

Even if the situation is as a result of your mistakes, take responsibility for your actions by seeking ways to rectify your mistake instead of pointing accusing fingers.

Great men don’t pass the buck, they simply take RESPONSIBILITY.

For Women

Honour: gone are the days when the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; these days no matter how well you feed your man if you don’t crown him the king that he is I doubt if you will truly have a smooth ride into his heart.

Every man whether big or small, tall or short, poor or rich, handsome or ugly longs to be honoured and denying him that privilege is the easiest way to turn his heart from you.

Humility: humility is one of the most attribute a woman must not forget to take with her into any relationship, and this does not mean that humility is not required of the men too.

The significance of humility cannot be over-emphasized as it goes a long way in determining the success of any relationship. The truth is that it takes a humble woman to really submit to a man without feeling less a human.

Being humble is not synonymous to being inferior or weak; in fact it takes a lot of strength to be humble. That said, you’re not competing with your man on who is superior, doing that is the highest form of stupidity and a sheer display of idiocy.

These are just a few of the things that if you begin to inculcate into your relationship will guarantee success in your relationship. Other things like who should get the kids ready for school, cook the meals, do the laundry or wash the dishes can be done by either of you, depending on your understanding with your other half.

There is no law that says the man must be the only one catering to the family’s need or the woman must be the one doing the dishes; if the man cooks better, who says he can’t treat his family to a nice meal once in a while, or if the woman earns more, who says it is a sin for her to foot the family’s bill.















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