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Living Above Unhealthy Competition

unhealthy competition

One of the easiest ways to shortchange yourself from living out your full potentials is to constantly measure your growth based on other people’s achievements and growth. Using other people’s accomplishment as a parameter for assessing one’s progress is the undoing of many, that’s why there’s so much unhealthy competition in the world today.

You see people trying to outdo and out achieve one another instead of focusing on becoming a better version of who they are. When your motivation for doing the things you do is to prove that you are better or more important than other people, then something is terribly wrong.

Growth is truncated when your motivation is based on unhealthy competitions, don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong in observing what other people are doing, how they are doing it and then finding ways to become better at doing the same thing, but you must do it with the sore intention of becoming a better version of you and not to prove that others are inferior to you.

The formal is a healthy way of competing without losing focus on things that truly matters while the later is not just unhealthy to your personal growth, but also your overall well-being.

A new day is here again and I urge you to focus on improving you. Let your only competitor be the person you were yesterday; centre your heart on beating your last record, and never put yourself in a tight corner of trying to prove a thing to anybody, but let excellence be your watchword.

It’s a brand new day with brand new opportunities to achieve great feat and become that person you have been created to be.

Be you, build you, and keep growing.

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Written by Ugoma Johnson