Look Ahead If You Truly Want To Get Ahead In Life

Looking ahead into the future

I have seen people cry before, times without number I have also cried a river myself, but never for once have I seen anyone cry in the manner with which she did on that fateful day that I met her.

Ok, let me just gist you how it all happened.

I walked into the restroom of this exotic hotel, I had been really pressed and needed to use the ladies, but the speakers were so engaging that excusing myself for even a minute was like I was going to miss out on a whole lot.

It was a relationship summit that held somewhere on the Island with the titled ‘Maximizing The Strength Of Your Partner’. I guess the organizers really took time to select their speakers, they were simply so on point that participants could literally see themselves in every single word that came from their mouth.

Oops! Finally, it was the end of the first session and it was time to take questions from the audience, then I quickly dashed to the ladies to do the needful.

As I opened the door of the passageway leading to the main entrance, I was greeted by the tears of an angel in the human body.

For a while, I stood there not knowing how to approach her. Meanwhile, my conscience could not let me pass without saying a word to pacify her.

Are you wondering why I referred to her as an angel in the human body? Well to satisfy your curiosity let me quickly say this, the lady I met in that restroom was dame beautiful.

Her beauty is such that can be likened to that of a goddess. Tall, fair skinned and a magnetic pink lips plus her cat-like bluish eyeballs that radiate a soothing sensation of the early morning breeze.

Gush! Finally, I summoned the courage to ask why she was crying.

According to her, the words from the speakers reminded her of how foolish she had been over the years.

In her own words

This relationship summit just opened my eyes to the fact that I had been my own biggest stumbling block.

Those words knocked me off balance. How can you call yourself a stumbling block? I mumbled within me as she continued.

Matthew loved me so much, he did all he could to please me, but what did I do? I treated him badly even though it was never him that hurt me in the past. All because I couldn’t let go of my past hurt and that was how I lost him.

Now see what my inability to LOOK AHEAD has caused me. I lost relationships, loved ones, and even career opportunities as a result of being catty towards people for no reason.

Oh God! Look what I have caused myself”.

At this point, all I could think of was all the time I had acted, spoken harshly or treated the people in my life coldly because of the pain that another caused me. So all I could do was join her to cry.

You see my people, one of the ways to truly GET AHEAD In life is to LOOK AHEAD. You cannot go far in life if you are looking behind and holding on to pasts that do not edify you in any way. YOU CANNOT MOVE AHEAD WHEN YOUR EYES ARE CONSTANTLY BEHIND YOU.

As I conclude this write-up today, I ask you.

Are there unnecessary luggage that you’re carrying, luggage of unforgiveness, grudge, bitterness, envy, and the likes, I urge you today to free yourself from such self-inflicted imprisonment.

Let go of your past pain, hurt, and heartbreak; the more you hold on to it, the more of a stumbling block you become to yourself.

LOOK AHEAD If you truly want to GET AHEAD In life.




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