Lynxx Talks More About His Newly Adopted Faith Profoundly

It is no longer news that popular rapper Lynxx is now born again. The erstwhile hip hop musician who thought he had all what life could offer now preaches Christ as he discovers there is more to life when you have a relationship with God than what the world has to offer. The announcement of his new faith came in a subtle manner as he started posting spiritual and inspirational words on social media handles. Here are some excerpts –

Please be very careful about who you are intimate with and who you share your body with. We tend to see only the physical side of sex and ignore the existence of the Spiritual (which is the MOST important). In this generation, sex is as common as a handshake, no sentiments to it, no love attached to it, its now a commodity for trade (cash and benefits alike) people sell their dignity for cash, cars, houses, bags, shoes and Luxurious Holidays like its nothing and come on the gram stunting.

Instead of making Worldly Resolutions as I have always done, I’ve decided to swap that for living a life of Purpose and Service to God and everyone around me. The world is way too upside down to be living a life for “Self”. I hope we all make an effort to get closer to God and seek our true life purpose which then makes the future purposeful instead of the endless search for wealth, immorality and the likes which all result in problems and are simply Fleeting.

“I call this year the year of Revelation and Manifestation because things shall come to the light and seeds sown shall bear fruits in our lives. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

May this year be a year of Purpose, blessings, great health, financial blessings, Godliness, joy, Love and peace in all your lives Amen!

“Prayer is Key, Put God 1st at all times… Don’t just run to him when the going gets tough, talk to him when things are good too” Written the Syndik8 rapper.

People often say, everyone cheats, Women have learned it from men, and men started it bla bla bla… That is all “Worldly Talk” …a lot of us are walking around blind… “Spiritually Blindness” and there is only ONE source to restore that aspect of sight and that’s from “Above”. What is a relationship without God being at the center? I will tell u… It’s full of Chaos, Deceit, selfishness, lies, cheating, etc why? Because humans are prone to live for self! We are fallen creatures and getting back up isn’t something we can achieve on our Own… There is no amount of money worth things like clothes, bags or even House you want to buy for yourself or for your babe can make that relationship “Secure” “Unless the Lord builds a house, those who build it labor in vain”

Don’t be in the gym working on 6pac while a man with a pot belly is spending time with your babe. Build your relationships on a Concrete foundation and sleep in Peace. Marriages, relationships, friendships are weak and suffering today because of Lack of Spiritual ,the moment You realize money is never the answer, the closer you are to a REAL solution. “The Fear of God Is the beginning of Wisdom” ….Do yourself a favor and secure your lives and relationships “Properly” with God being the author of it … People do things in the dark because they think YOU can’t see them, but never forget as long as you still have breath in you, GOD is watching… Stop living aloof, u deserve a life being “Awake” and not being a sleeping Giant… #FoodForThought

However,showing more of his new found love for God in the new single he recently released titled “Serve You”, he gave a total experience he has had in life before he met with God and now that he has found his new faith and love for God.In his lyrics he said people calls him a “pastor”,with all the excerpt from his social media handles, Lynxx is really becoming a Pastor to do exploits.



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