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MacNuel Davids Composes An Inspiring Birthday Poem For His Mentor Frank Edwards [@FrankrichBoy]

Frank Edwards

Mentors are to be Celebrated and their impact in the world around them are to be stated. MacNuel Davids a Gospel Artist and Minister whose role model and mentor is Frank Edwards composed for his mentor: A Birthday Poem…So Inspiring!

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Poem Written By: MacNuel Davids
You used to say U TOO DEY BLESS ME at a point you looked back and could only say OGHENE DO. As if that was the end you came up with AYAYA and went further to call him MIRACLE GOD, IBUCHI, CHUKWU EBUKA, MIGHT EBUBE, OLORE, ONYE NMERI & OKAKA! Ha! Frank Edwards I was happy to hear you say NA YOU only for me to realize your Heart was full of GRATITUDE to the maker who is CHANGING LIVES, who made you realize that SOMETHING DEY MOVE ME, that Holy Ghost Something!hehehehe

You told us I SEE HIM flying ON EAGLES WINGS. You were so Confident that its GOD OVER EVERYTHING and that IF GOD BE FOR ME no one would be against. Yes indeed It wasn’t a mistake when you said I WILL FOREVER SING OYOYO because of how much I LOVE YOU. In your days of struggle, he told you to DROP IT AT MY FEET even when you were with Nathaniel Bassey your words to me were DONT CRY and advised i give him thanks by singing HAIL HIM and the Phenomenal MMA MMA.

Despite all the Happenings around our Great Nation and while we still searched for PEACE, you still prayed GOD BLESS NIGERIA. You’re used to saying STARS WE ARE… We now know WHO WE ARE. Mothers are the best thing in a mans World you called yours SUPER STAR MAMA! You Brought Don Moen and taught him KA ANYI BULIE Micah Stampley was asking what it meant you told him BABA this HEAVEN ON EARTH na EBENEBE Oooo… Those Days when you Sang OMMEMA were the days of THE DEFINITION. When you told us HOLY GHOST DEY and CHUKWU MUNSO.

We moved to the Era of UNLIMITED we were confused when you said NA SO LIFE BE until we got to realize that life was BEAUTIFUL. When everywhere looked dry you told us to  SAY GOODBYE to dry hard times for God has promised to LET IT RAIN. This are the Days of FRANKINCENSE When everything is just making sense, and together I am trying to stay up Stairs,
Because we are now living above all tears!
 You’re  Now telling me that the SWEET LOVE of the God who Happens to be the MIRACLE GOD is on my Paths and That this God has Promised I’ll be SPREADING EVERYWHERE irrespective of what is happening around me EVEN IF THE SKY IS FALLING na FOR THIS CHURCH IYANU go bring me PEACE on my WEDDING DAY!
The moment you said WELCOME TO ZION I was LIFTED and SMILE filled my face that i Just CANT STOP LOVING YOU!
Happy Birthday Frank Edwards
Greater and Bigger You I Pray!!

MacNuel Davids


We hope this blesses you @FrankrichBoy

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Twitter: @mr_nueldavid
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Phone Number : 07030469757

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