Making a Difference: The Kevin Hart Experience

Kevin Hart spoke about his mother’s influence on his life, career, and faith. One particular story he shared remains memorable till this day.

Shortly after graduating high school Kevin was clueless about his next step for quite sometime. And being the son of a college professor, he naturally felt the pressure to make the best out of his life.

He became a shoe salesman just to get by, and at a point he got into comedy after he was invited by a friend to an open night event. Kevin Hart later reached the following agreement with his mother regarding his future: she would support him fully and financially too for a year in his chosen comedic path after which if he didn’t succeed by then he would have to go back to college. And so the pressure was on.

Six months into their agreement, he didn’t seem to be making a headway and with his rent 2months overdue, he went to his mom to ask for the rent as agreed. Her response? “Kevin have you read your bible?” Being a largely open minded youngster he got upset and asked his mom what that had to do with rent money, then he left.

Another 3months went by, he returned to her for the money and she asked him the same question: Have you been reading your bible? Again he left in annoyance..

A month later, he returned to her again as the pressure wasn’t getting any funnier. Again she asked him the same question to which he lied: “Yes I have , I have”. By this time he was 6months overdue on his rent and about to be evicted. Out of frustration he went back home and while stewing in his disappointment decided to open his bible. Just as he did that, 5 cheques one for each months rent fell out of the bible at that point he simply broke down and was humbled. The cheques were there all along and all he needed to do was read the bible to find it and he didn’t do that for months.

At that point he decided there and then to stop letting his mom down, he would later treat those cheques as a loan. As soon as he earned his first major pay cheque he rushed to his mom’s place and first gave a refund of $5000..

Why is this story important here? Sometimes the best place to minister to people is to meet them where they are. What good is the gospel of hope to a hungry man, or to a homeless man. At a time when being Christian is considered border line illegal in some countries and uncool in others we must develop a strategic approach to spreading the gospel but the most important lesson is to never let them see you coming (tact). Kevin may not be your average Christian poster boy but you cannot discount the effect that rent experience has had on his life.


Source: Holyholla

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Written by Tomi Blessed