Mile 12 Hausa/Yoruba Clash : Ethnic or religious

Reports has it that the Mile 12 market was besieged with blood shed as violent clashes ensued between the Yorubas and the Hausa people. Some quarters termed it “Buhari and Osibanjo’s boys clash in mile 12 Lagos”

This Nation or rather Country Nigeria has always seen the Hausa people clashing with other ethic groups and experience has shown us that when a clash like this happens, a reprisal attack erupts at the other side of the country. So we may be seeing attacks on Yoruba people in the North. We have always been divided along the ethnic or religious lines.

As a people, we ought always pray for this country and at same time preach the gospel of peace. So we can live in peace and harmony. We ought re orientate our people and teach them how to live in peace.

We understand that the state government has shut the market for the time being.

The Images a very disturbing. 



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