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Monday Motivation – Commit Yourself To Constant Learning

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One of the ways to learn, master and become an expert in anything is to be shameless in learning it. To be referred to as an expert in any field of endeavour, you must get to a point where you can easily learn from anyone regardless of age.

If there is anything that has helped me in life, it is the fact that I can learn from anything and anyone, I can ask questions a lot. Though at times it is hard to admit not knowing, especially when the people involved look at you like how can a whole you not know this thing.

But like I often tell people, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to pretend and act like you know even when you know that you don’t know.

Be shameless when it comes to learning, you are not too big to be taught by anyone; hence don’t let pride deprive you of the opportunity to add to your knowledge.

Check any successful people you admire today, they are people who have given themselves to constant and shameless learning, they don’t care who you are or whether you are older than them or not, as long as you have the information they need to succeed they will perch around you like flies, and if you want to attain success like them you have to become shameless to learn.

Ask questions, people are more willing to help you more than you can ever imagine. The problem with most of us is that we tend to judge people from afar even when we barely know them. The truth is that most people are not as mean as you think, so stop being judgmental and open yourself up to be taught.

Most of the people you have concluded that they are being stingy with knowledge might really not be stingy; it could be that they have not seen the willingness to learn from you.

For instance, most people find it easier to pass on knowledge when they know that the recipient is really panting to get that knowledge. You have to be really hungry for it before they will feed you.

Let me remind you again that people are not as mean and stingy as you think.

When you are eager to learn, people will be eager to help you.


Like the Holy Scripture says, “Pride goeth before a fall”.

It is the shame of admitting not knowing that produces pride and pride will lead to more shame of falling.

It’s a brand new week and I ask you today, what is that knowledge you know that if you get it will increase your chances of attaining a greater height in your business/career and life in general?

Who is the custodian of that knowledge at the moment or is the information you seek already in a book?

What will it cost you to get that book or meet that person who has the knowledge you need?

What commitment are you willing to make to meet that person and get that knowledge?

No amount of sacrifice is too much for your personal improvement.

Today all through this week, I urge you to make a commitment towards learning.

Have yourself a beautiful week.

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