Monday Motivation – How To Become Indispensable

How to make yourself indispensable

He called me that breezy Tuesday evening and began to rant about how he was going to quit his job.

I had just returned from work that night, freshened up, laid on my bed trying to evaluate all that had transpired through the day and also plan for the day ahead of me when my phone rang

Initially I was reluctant to answer the phone, because on a norm my phone should be switched off by that time of the night. And yes, I usually put it off by 9pm, but that day I was so carried away trying to map out strategies on how to deliver on my assignment that week that I forgot to it switch off.

I allowed it ring for a while before answering, I reached for my mobile device, lo it was Maxwell, a formal colleague of mine. He almost didn’t let me utter a word as he kept on venting about how he will deal with his boss by quitting his job.

All of my effort to calm him down proved abortive as he kept ranting. Then I threatened to hang up the phone on him and never have anything to do with him ever again if he doesn’t keep quiet and listen to me.

Thankfully my threat did the magic of calming him and then we talked like matured people. I asked him a series of questions which he struggled to provide answers some of them. By the time we ended our conversation he realized how wrong he was, and decided to put his act together.

The reason for his anger was that his boss said he can replace him easily, and truthfully his boss could only think of him in that manner because he has not been diligent with his job, but pride would not let him admit that.

You see, people will regard you in high esteem if you make yourself indispensable. It is possible for your boss to beg you not to leave his business, just as it is possible for him to replace you easily, whichever way, it all depends on how valuable you are to the business.

No boss, not even the seemingly ‘wicked’ ones will want to do away with an employee who is bringing so much value to the table.

Whatever job you take on, make yourself valuable, then indispensable – Brian Tracy.

In my last week’s edition of Monday motivation, I wrote to you on the topic ‘How to sack your boss’, and in the write-up, I made it clear that if you sack your boss without proper preparation that you will end up hurting yourself. Click to read more on ‘How To Sack Your Boss’.

It’s a new week and I am urging you not to be like my friend Maxwell who was taking his job for granted, but expecting his boss to treat him as an indispensable fellow.

Be diligent with whatever your hands have found to do, no matter how small it is. Even if it is not your personal business, do with well. The truth is, you cannot toy with another’s vision and expect others to take your own vision seriously, because what you sow is what you reap.

Sow the right seed.

Wherever you are today is not by mistake. Sometimes God will place you in a particular company not because of how much you are going to earn, but because of the people He wants you to meet and the experience He wants you to glean.

One of the ways to effectively fulfill your purpose wherever God has placed you is to understand WHY God has placed you there and give yourself completely to that WHY.

If you focus on being a person of value then you will be indispensable.

It a brand-new week, are you ready to become more valuable?









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