Monday Motivation – How To Sack Your Boss

Sack your boss

These days I see a lot of youth reading books and going for seminars with the above caption, and I wonder what the hell is wrong with their current employment that makes them desperately want to sack their boss.

It is great to know that most of you are striving to become entrepreneurs, it shows that you desire m to be a creator rather than a consumer.

But have you also thought of the fact that if you sack your boss without proper preparation that in the long run, your new business venture will also sack you; leaving you worse than you were with your boss?

Every reasonable employee should have an exit strategy, but your exit should not be fueled by the mere desire of being your own boss and not taking orders from anyone, because that is a wrong reason to want to start your own business.

Some people have left their paid employment in a bid to be their own boss and ended up regretting. That shows that there are things that one must take into cognizance before quitting any job.

So, the question is, what should you do before sacking your boss? The following are a few of the things you should do.

Be a person of value: Every employer while recruiting you expects that you not only show up in the office, but to make your presence in the office felt by the value you add to the company.

It baffles me when I see people who are taking their job for granted threating to resign. If you are the type who moves from one desk to the other gossiping during work hours or you often engage in activities that does not reflect in the value and increase of the company, do you think you will suddenly change when you start your own business?

The truth is that, the way you run your boss’s business is the same way you will run yours. No magic will happen. If you intend starting a  business in future then start taking your current employment seriously.

Focus on learning: Even if you are underpaid in a particular employment, before you think of quitting, ask yourself why you’re in the job, is it to earn income, glean experience or both.

If the job is equipping you with certain experiences that you would need when you start your business, then you will have to continue with the job, while also planning your exit.

The truth is that sometimes God allows you to come into a particular company so you can learn and meet people who can help you become better in life. If the skills you are acquiring there is relevant to where you are going, then I think you should not be in a hurry to leave.

Have a well-structured exit strategy: Every God-fearing and open-minded boss knows that no employee is going to be with him forever. At some point in life people will have to move. But in moving you must be sure that you are not making the wrong move.

Again, the fact that you are going to leave someday should not make you take your job for granted. Your boss’s business is your business as well so do it like you would do yours or want others to do yours.

If you toy with your paid employment, you will inevitably toy with yours.

Anything you know you would never do in your own business, do not do it in your boss’s business. Be diligent. The bible says that whatever your hands finds to do, you must do it well, it did not say do it well only if it is your personal business.

Learn to follow simple instructions stipulated to guide your work operation. If the rule demands that you don’t eat in the office, then don’t whether your boss is around or not.

You will only end up shooting yourself in the foot if you ever sack your boss without proper preparation.

Therefore while you’re planning to sack your boss you must also ensure that you are adding value instead of merely allowing the craving to be your own boss consume you.





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