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Monday Motivation – Invest In Yourself

Keep learning

Whatever you commit yourself to today will determine the outcome of your life in the nearest future.

The reason is that most times our future is entrenched in our daily routine.

Consider two friends who while in the university both had the dream of becoming successful business owners.

While the other gave himself to extra reading and learning of business strategies outside the normal school curriculum, the other chose to wait till after graduation before investing in himself.

While in school the formal also applied to work for free in a company that was involved in the type of business he intended to start after graduation, while the later was giving his weekends to clubs and party.

Now between the two friends who do you think has a higher tendency of succeeding in business and life?

The truth is, your commitment to personal growth is the beginning of your journey to a more fulfilling life on earth.

Though the results of your investment in self may not be very evident at the beginning, yet it is like the little drops of water that makes an ocean.

I encourage you today to keep adding those little bricks that will eventually make a whole lot of difference in your life.

Though it may look like a waste of time, but I can assure you it is not.

So keep investing in yourself and keep learning

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Written by Ugoma Johnson