Monday Motivation – Lessons From WWE


Are you going through a tough time?

Are you at the cross road of life?

Are you tired of fighting back?

Are you contemplating giving up?

Then this is for you.

I just got off YouTube watching the WWE Judgment Day fight between the one and only John Cena and the Great Khali.

The fight started off very well for Khali, he utilized every opportunity he had to deal with Cena, meanwhile each time Cena got a chance to fight back something usually messed up his chance, it was either he made a mistake that cost him the opportunity or Great Khali outsmarted him.

The fight went on and on as Khali continued to unleash different degrees of tactical punches on Cena, it got to a point where Cena became so weak that one would think that Khali has won the battle already and so Cena should just tap out of the game with dignity instead of going through the humiliation of being thoroughly beaten and still losing the fight in the end.

But guess what, Cena refused to tap out, but kept on fighting, that reminds me of his usual slogan “NEVER GIVE UP”.

Fans of Khali thought it was a win-win for them as they cheered their hero, while most of Cena’s fans on the other hand had this disappointing look on their faces, it wasn’t too long when Cena finally got a chance and held Khali on his neck from the back, and before you knew it the almighty GREAT KHALI tapped out of the game making John Cena the winner of the game.

Merely looking at Khali who is almost two times the height of Cena one would think that it will only take a twinkle of an eye for him to devour Cena.

Even though it was Khali who came with the belt, he lost it to Cena simply by giving up.

Meanwhile Cena who came with nothing went home with the belt as the WWE champion simply for refusing to give up even when all odds seemed to be against him.


>Life will present you with fights, and sometimes with opponents who might appear far stronger than you are, but how you come out of the game is totally dependent on your determination to persevere.

>The fact that you started off badly in the game of life does not mean you will end up badly, remember that Cena started off on a bad note, but ended up winning.

>No matter how big your opponents (Challenges) are, you can overcome if you don’t look down on your abilities.

>Life will throw bricks at you, and there are only two things you can do with those bricks, you either use it to build the life of your choice or let it bury you.

>People do not care about how badly you have been beaten in life, what they really want to know is how you were able to pull through, because they too need strategies to apply and not stories that touch the heart.

>Life does not only reward the strong, brave and the educated, it also rewards the most uneducated, the poor, and even the weak who refuse to GIVE UP, but choose fight to the finishing line.

No matter what you’re going through, I urge you today not to ever GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.








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