Trusting God in the process

Imagine you woke up one morning, said your prayers, and hurried into the bathroom, had your shower, put on your most beautiful dress, a well fitted Italian shoes and a nice perfume to go with it.

Hop into your car, drove to the market and of all the places you could think of stopping by, it was a casket shop.

As you alighted from your car, you went straight to the shop attendant and asked for the most expensive casket, and then bought one and zoomed off.

On getting to the house you dashed into the bathroom again, freshened up, came out and drank a poisonous substance and hurried into the casket to take your last breath, leaving a note for your family on the table about how you willingly took your own life due to one ugly situation or the other. HOW STUPID.

Now imagine going through such backbreaking process to terminate your own life.


But that’s not true you might say, I didn’t kill my dreams, it’s just that my current situation is not giving me the opportunity to do the things I want to do. But may I announce to you THAT EVERY TIME YOU FAIL TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DREAMS, YOU ARE GRADUALLY REDUCING THE LIFESPAN OF THAT DREAM, YOUR SITUATION NOTWITHSTANDING.

Just as one can go through the above process and perhaps many other processes to commit suicide that is exactly how many people kill their vision all by themselves.

The only way your dreams can remain RELEVANTLY ALIVE is to find and thoroughly follow through on the process that leads to the success side of that dreams.

Vision/dream is one of the cheapest things to do as almost everybody can afford it, but process is expensive.

Even if your vision/dream was given to you by God, it however does not rule out the place of due process.

God is not a magician, hence the need for you to obediently follow every instruction He gives on how to achieve your goals.

God can make you attain your goals within a twinkle of an eye, but He is more interested in who you become in the process than what you achieve.

Process is very demanding, it will demand you working late into the nights and waking up early.

It will demand you selling some of your valuables to apply for training.

It will demand you going hungry sometimes so you can buy a book to read.

It will demand you giving up on some necessities of life to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

It will demand you trekking a long distance just to attend that seminar.

It will demand you breaking away from certain associations that may be detrimental to your dreams.

It will demand you not wearing that expensive dress/hair because you have to invest in your vision, hence the need to delay gratification.

It will demand you not living beyond your means just to impress other people.

It will demand all of you, but if you are faithful to the process, you will land on the other side called success.

It is in the process that your character is refined and tenacity built to withstand anything that life throws at you.

It is great that you have big dreams and vision for your life, but are you willing to follow God as He leads you through the path of achieving it?

Are you willing to pay the price for the attainment of your goals?

To anything you wish to become, there is a PRICE to pay. You are either paying to succeed or paying to fail, whichever way you must pay a price.

And only those who pay the PRICE will win the PRIZE.









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