Monday Motivation: You Can Reach The Finishing Line

cross road of life

Are you at the cross-road of life and you’re confused about which way to go?

Are there challenges you’re battling with and it feels like God has forsaken you?

Are you being mocked for any reason at all?

Are there certain incidents you’re wishing you could undo?

Let me tell you this, and I need you to read what I’m about to tell you word for word and line by line.

Your ugly experiences are not meant to harm you, but to equip you with a life changing message for your generation.

Most times I’m tempted to think of how different life would have been for me if certain things had not happened during my early years on earth.

Yes, I brought none of those things upon myself and if I had the power I would like to undo them, but looking back and considering how far I have come makes me want to dance in appreciation to God for all the battles I have fought even at an early age when I was yet to fully grasp what battles were.

I need no fortune-teller to tell me that all of those experiences, both the pleasant and the unpleasant were all orchestrated by providence to mould me into the tenacious woman I have become today.

Does it mean I never grumbled nor questioned God in the midst of it all? No! In fact I have done that times without number, but in the midst of all challenges I have manage to see the finger of God.

To you reading this, I do not know what your battles are.

I may never even understand the heat of your battle.

Everything may be going in the direct opposite of your plans.

You may have tried everything humanly possible to no avail.

Perhaps you have even exhausted all your options.

And it feels like you’re being pulled from many directions, yet I may never understand how painful that is to you, but one thing I do know is that you can fight to the very end.

Now read that again and this time slowly.



It will never break you if you choose not to be broken by it.

You have what it takes to run to the finishing line.

Above all, your ugly experiences are not meant to harm you, but to equip you with a life changing message for your generation, therefore focus on finding that beautiful message.



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