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Embrace life

My daughter, please take care of your siblings, I know that the responsibility I’m heaping on you is way beyond your age, but please bear with me, as soon as I return you will be free from all these troubles.

Those were the words she said to me as I accompanied her to the park where she was to board a bus to the east.

It was in 2006, sometime around November when mum became very ill, she had been diagnosed with pelvic cancer the year before.

We had taken her to several hospitals believing she would get better, yet she kept deteriorating by the day. The worst was that we didn’t even understand all that the doctors were saying about the illness, because we had no idea what cancer was, lolz.

I was just a teenager, and mum was not very educated; hence the reason for our ignorance. All we knew was that she was continually bleeding. When she starts bleeding and asked for a bucket to sit on, it usually would not stop until the bucket get almost filled with blood.

I would never have fully understood the story of the woman with the issue of blood as told in the bible if not that I watched my mum go through a similar experience.

It was at the point where the illness became severe that grandma sent for mum to come home so she could take care of her daughter by herself. Though grandma died the day after mum arrived in the village. The story for another day.

As I saw mum off to the park that fateful breezy morning, it was at costain she stopped to tell me those words that came to me like straight-bullet. As she encouraged me tears went down her chick.

Obviously, that wasn’t the first nor only time I had seen mum cry since crying was like a normal occurrence for us both, but her tears on that day came with so many messages. I could literally feel the passion and pain in her eyes.

Mum had so many dreams, not just for herself, but for the children. She was so determined to get well and assume the responsibility of fending for us again.

Death was never an option, but unfortunately mum died the following year, July 2007 to be precise at the age of 41.

To you reading this now, I narrated this story to say to you….


Your life starts now!

But have you started living?

Like my mum who had big dreams for her kids, have you thought of the fact that all the amazing dreams and vision you have will not exempt you from dying when death comes knocking?

That’s why you need to start living NOW.

You may have wasted a great number of your years doing things that are not relevant to your life calling.

You may have made mistakes that you’re yet to fully recover from even after many years have passed.

Your life may have become a dumping ground where the devil dumps all manner of negativity, and passers-by spit on it because of how messy your life has become.

You may have given up on life and there you are just waiting for the day that God will call you home.

Hear the voice of God saying to you, “MY SON/DAUGHTER YOUR LIFE STARTS NOW, GO AND START LIVING”.

Forget about your years of ignorance and foolishness, it is not too late to start living again. Waste no time about it for your life is fleeting with every minute that goes by.

Live with a sense of purpose, understand that you do not have all the time on this planet. Quit procrastinating. Get to work and focus on things that truly matter to your essence of existence.

What are you wasting your life on today?



Unnecessary partying?

Wrong association?

Bad habits that pose a threat to your future?

Premarital/extramarital sexual affairs?

Unwarranted alcohol?

Misuse of resources/opportunities?

Addiction to social media?

you will not die without these things mentioned above. It’s a matter of decision, followed by a calculated action.

Beloveth, your life starts now, BUT have you started LIVING?














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