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Morgan Freeman says his view of God and religion hasn’t changed but he did feel a “connection” while worshiping at Joel Osteen’s church in Texas.

Despite spending ample amount traveling around the world to experience the diversity of faiths for National Geographic’s docu-series “The Story of God,” actor Morgan Freeman has said his view of God and religion hasn’t changed in the least – but he did feel a “connection” while worshiping at Joel Osteen’s church in Texas.

“I didn’t change anything at all about how I think of God or my belief in God. It just enlightened me to how other cultures do it,” Freeman talked of his experience.

“What we came away with at the end of the series is the fact that all religions and beliefs share remarkable similarities, these commonalities. There they are, so we should celebrate them rather than let them cause rifts between us,” he added.

However, the actor admitted that he felt a connection with God while worshiping at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant church in America.

“In a Houston megachurch, I connected somewhat,” he said. “Encouraged to think positive. You don’t just get some things just like that! You have to go do it to get it. God’s plan for us is to succeed,” Freeman said.

“The Story of God,” a six-part miniseries starring Freeman, in collaboration with Revelations Entertainment and the National Geographic Channel concluded on Sunday with an exploration of miracles.

Throughout the series, Freeman traveled to 20 cities in seven different countries as he sought answers to some of the most pervasive questions people have about the world’s religions, from the creation of the world to what happens after death.

In an effort to answer these questions, the show looked in depth at some of the major religions of the world and visited a number of prominent Christian locations, such as Vatican City, the base of the Roman Catholic Church, and Lakewood Church.

“We received a really enormous amount of support throughout the world, wherever we went. People were very forthcoming and seemed excited about the idea that we were doing it, from everywhere from the Vatican to Varanasi, India,” Freeman told EW.

The “Bruce Almighty” actor said he was surprised to discover the correlation between technology and theology, as the Vatican’s 400-year-old academy of science delves deeply into the study of cosmology, astronomy, and related topics.

“The big bang. And they have very credible answers for all of these phenomenons that are scientific. For instance, the big bang is the scientific explanation for Creation. The church asks, ‘Okay, so what was before the big bang?’ There’s no answer for that but God,” the actor said.

Earlier, Freeman told Variety he decided to work on “The Story of God” in an effort to embark on a “personal and enduring quest to understand the divine,” as he doesn’t adhere to any particular religion.

“I went to churches and synagogues, only it never caught hold,” Freeman said. “At 13, I stopped. But grandma’s big slap on my head always pointed out when I’d done wrong.”

When asked what he believes, Freeman explained that he is a “privatist,” which is described as a “social position of being noncommittal to or unvolved with anything other than one’s own immediate interests and lifestyle.”

“All of life is this planet. Life ever after is here,” the actor explained. “I don’t think life exists on any other planet. If, like me, you think that it’s just us, you must make a move not to kill it. Ours is a planetary problem. Trees, animals, climate, we have to stop killing it.”

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