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Music : Ann Inyang – Akanam Nkwe

Akanam Nkwe

Lyrics and interpretation
Ch: Woiyoo (4x)
Akanam nkwe Never seen before
Akanam mkop ke Never heard of
Akanam Nkwe, Nkwe, Nkwe Never seen, Never seen
Ima mi etiede nti Ima Abasi Such Love like God’s love

Woiyoo Akanam Nkwe (
Woiyoo Akanam mkop ke
Woiyoo Akanam Nkwe nkwe nkwe
Ima mi etiede nti Ima Abasi
(Repeat Severally)

Ima Obong iyene ke ntak God’s love is unconditional
Ima Obong iyene ke utit God’s love is endless
Ima Obong inana ke mbom God’s love is compassionate
Ima Obong Ikereke ibanga idem God’s love is unselfish
Isata sara awo ima Is not selective
Imaha ke ntak okuk Doesn’t love for money
Imaha ke ntak uyai Doesn’t love for beauty
Imaha ke ntak ufok Doesn’t love for family sake
Imaha ke ntak eyen Doesn’t love for children’s sake
Imaha ke ntak ido Doesn’t love for character
Isata sara awo ima (2x) Is not selective

Repeat Ch

Ima ererimbot ado ima abianga The love of the world is deceitful
Awo ana ma awo ke ntak mkpo ked One must love you for a reason
Echo: Idoho eti ima (2x) That’s not real love
Ima ererimbot eyem mkpo eto owo The love of the world seeks its own
Ima Abasi eyem se ono de The love of God seeks to give
Echo: Ima do (4x) That’s love

Repeat Ch

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